Sunday, July 31, 2011

"The White Stag" - a book review by Robert Steven Mack

Last week I purchased a book of arguably rare stature at Borders. It’s an old book written by Kate Seredy in 1937 and not easily found in book stores of today. Only 94 pages long, the tale tinkers with ancient mythology and folklore, as well as history and legend. Told in epic proportions spanning a period of many centuries, it is yet easily readable and comfortably digestible. The White Stag won the 1937 Newberry Award.

The book follows the tribes Hun and Magyars, eventually led by Attila The Hun as they travel after the White Stag to the promised land. Beautifully written and movingly told, the book promises an extraordinary reading experience that shall not sever until the book is at its last page.

Books like “The White Stag” are rare, but I hope that those who truly do care about reading and the preservation of books like the White Stag shall make sure that they never entirely perish; as in turn these magical story will lead them to the promised land…

Copyright 2011 by Robert Steven Mack (all rights reserved!)

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