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John Grisham's "Theodore Boone: The Abduction" - a book review by Robert Steven Mack

Was it not but last year that I reviewed John Grisham's “Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer?” And unless I am horribly mistaken, I stated at the end of my review - as a result of previous research - that Mr. Grisham would be working on a second book following the adventures of the young legal mind Theodore. I am happy to report that Mr. Grisham has completed his commitment to a sequel and it has been published. It's called “Theodore Boone: The Abduction.”

A former lawyer himself, John Grisham has authored numerous legal dramas several of which have been turned into movies. “Kid Lawyer: Theodore Boone” was his first book for children and enough to please any young fan of legal fiction and non-fiction. As to “Theodore Boone: The Abduction,” it is nice to see that Mr. Grisham has not cast aside the previously developed characters of so much potential and rising possibility for a series. As a matter of fact, he has allowed us to get a better glimpse of the characters we became familiar with during our first visit to Theo’s world. And it’s a good thing, too because now do we not only know the characters but we get to see them in hot action!

Theodore Boone: The Abduction – In this book, Theo tries to solve the sudden mysterious disappearance of his best friend April. Just as a good sequel should, this book goes places where the first could not as the book dives straight into the story without wasting twenty pages to introduction. Instead, the author cleverly fills you in if you are a newcomer. Verily, I would argue that the novel is so extremely well written, it’s as if you know these characters from the start - newcomer or bloody expert. As to the plot, once again we see poor Theodore Boone trying to restrain himself from getting too involved in the mystery. Of course, this fails from the start as Theo feels a moral obligation to help his friend despite discouragement from cops, kids at school and even his parents.
A highlight of following this junior non-profit attorney’s adventures in this novel – as you recall, Theodore has his own little office at his parents law firm Boone & Boone - we witness Theo handling an actual case at "Kiddie Court" and receiving praise from the judge. This will satisfy both Theo and the reader! Another element of this book that most certainly deserves recognition is Theo's admirable leadership and detective skills which the author lets surface for the first time. Commendably demonstrated is this skill when he, with the help of his friends, organizes a search party eventually having to cope with harrassment from tough-guy cops, and when Theo with the help of his techie friend’s knowledge of internet researching tools try to solve the case...which inevitably they do. Last but not least, Theo's greasy uncle Ike is back and playing a more important, more interesting, and memorable role that you never thought possible. Without revealing too much, he is definitely a character that stands out in this book.

I would be curious to know who portrays Ike on film should a screen adaptation ever arise. Also, although the idea of a sequel most certainly is up to the author as this book wraps up Theo’s story quite nicely, it would not be impossible to conjure up more adventures for Theo. No pressure - but I know I would read it them! It is ultimately up to Mr. Grisham what he wants to do with the characters.

In conclusion, this at times humorous and at times thought-provoking and touching legal thriller is a worthy addition to Theodore Boone's adventures. Whereas I am sure that the Boone readers will be wishing for more, at the end of this page-turning caper readers everywhere will be able to close the book with a smile of satisfaction on their face and be released of the spell. Bravo again, Mr. Grisham!

Copyright 2011 by Robert Steven Mack (all rights reserved!)

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