Saturday, October 30, 2010

Robert's Book Review: John Grisham's "Theodore Boone - Kidlawyer" by Robert Steven Mack

We all have our dreams of who we want to become once we grow up. Some of us dream of being a policeman, while others will dream of being a heroic firefighter. Perhaps an actor or Pulitzer Prize winning writer. From becoming a 00 secret super spy to becoming the President of the United States - every little boy or girl around the country has a big dream.

Thirteen-year-old Theodore Boone wants be a lawyer; a trial lawyer to be precise because he doesn’t want none of the “boring” desk stuff. No sir, not for him! He won’t wait long either: already he is seeing clients at his parents firm of “Boone and Boone.” The cases that land on his desk are not hard to find. In fact, they find him in the school yard. Every school has its bullies, whose worst enemy is the ant hill and an old movie, the charming little rascals whose main trouble is having trouble not finding any trouble which is practically useless trouble, hence trouble always finds them. So, it’s a winning game for Theo. Then there are the “popular” girls who have finally found a new religion: THE WORSHIP OF THE I-PHONE !!! Then there are just the “normal” kids, normal, normal, still normal. And while you’re trying to get these kids to grow up, there is another kind that you are trying to slow down in their growing-up process.

That’s Theodore Boone! Growing up in a very lawyer-like home watching Perry Mason re-runs every Sunday night, Teddy is encouraged by his lawyer parents to not grow up too fast and to stay away from the court room as much as possible. Still, it becomes irresistible for Theo because the town is holding its first mystery trial in ten years! Theo’s nerves are soothed however when his class makes a field trip to the court house to get a “feel of the action.” Teddy won’t be able to stay away from his life-long dream, especially when he has some information that may change the whole course of the trial.

After twenty years of being America’s top legal novelist, John Grisham has finally introduced his legal writing genius to a younger generation. It definitely struck a chord in me. This is an informative, fun, witty legal thinker for all ages! Fortunately, this is not the last we will ever hear of Theodore Boone either as his mind bolging adventures will continue in Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer 2 that comes out in 2012. Bravo, Mr. Grisham!

Copyright 2010 by Robert Steven Mack (all rights reserved)