Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cars 2 Movie Review

When Toy Story came out in 1997, the movie was an instant worldwide sensation that would span spin-offs and sequels to come. Ever since, Pixar Movie Studios have spit out incredible stories, hair-raising adventures, unforgettable characters, and boundless humor that has yet to fail!

I think it was in 2009 that I first read that Pixar Studios were going to do a sequel of the 2005 computer animated film Cars. You must know about me that at least once a day I'd go on the web and check for developments such as production, cast, release date, plot etc. I learned it was going to be released in June of 2011. This intrigued me. I also learned it was going to be a spy film, this intrigued me even more. The release date was approaching, gradually creeping closer. I simply couldn’t wait, especially since I have not seen a film in the theaters since the last Harry Potter film last November.

In any event, the film was out and I could not wait to see it. However, I was alarmed and confused when I saw that the film had received quite a bit of negative feedback. At first I didn't believe it but after a while I began to have doubts of my own. Had Pixar finally delivered a movie not worth the theater ticket price of $30? After my father suggested that we wait for it to come out on DVD, he added with a shrug "You can't win them all". But Pixar is a good reputable studio that has brought us some great movies in the past, I could only surmise that they would not have let us down. "Besides," I said to my father, " its the movie theater experience that counts!”

After much debate, we arrived in time to see the already half-way over Toy Story short which was funny and had the right kick for a short film. The movie started when I was in the restroom and I arrived just in time to see a spy chase spreading its magic across the large screen. After that I just sat back and enjoyed!

Cars 2 deserves better reviews than it’s been getting. It’s a fast-paced hilarious character driven spy comedy. Good writing combined with a story that adds more to what the first film gave us. Although I largely disagree with the bad reviews one thing that one of the reviewers mentioned was correct: Mater the tow-truck (Larry the Cable Guy) is the main focus in this film. This may disappoint a number of fans from the first film as Lightning Macqueen (Owen Wilson) was the star in the film's predecessor. The reason the filmmakers did this I believe, is first because of Mater's popularity and second because from the first film Mater was introduced as a loud-mouthed unassuming clumsy old tow truck who no one takes quite seriously. In this film, his character is taken to a new level where he actually has to deal with his reputation as a supposedly dim-witted old tow truck who eventually proves his worth. We also get to see how this affects his close friendship with Lightning McQueen.

It’s character-driven element makes the film a little more thought-provoking. Once again Pixar picks a hero of no particular stature and lets him find his way through the film. This is one of the things that makes Pixar special. Also I must compliment the Pixar team on choosing the many famed exotic locations. It adds an intriguing touch to the film.
A note of caution: In one fan-written review, an anonymous movie-goer said she had taken her two and four year old to see the movie which did apparently not appeal to them. Now this is a point I must make. This is a film recommendable for ages 8 and up as there are scenes of action and intellectual content - one casualty of the film- that younger children may be startled by and may miscomprehend. Although I'm sure younger children will respond positively to Matter's comedic antics, it all depends on your child’s experience as a movie-goer. I also must point out that this film is sure to please fans of James Bond. Well done Pixar! Who says you can't win them all?!

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